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"For those who are searching for something extraordinary and with the feeling of freedom that results from pure riding; there are bikes born in a place that celebrates one of a kind individualism with relentless commitment and unwavering passion since 2012. DEAD CITY CYCLES creates bikes with soul and style without frills or redundant bits or pieces. Those who can appreciate that, can also see and feel the machines affectionately handcrafted details built with passion and sweat. In this fast paced time, these bikes and not merely a trend but an eternal testament to the present while paying homage and respect to the past."

This is a typical text you get from those hipsters, that have no fucking idea about bikes and how to build them, but want to write a fancy text about this spiritual building stuff. I would say, it's all about handcrafted clean and functional bikes with the focus on style and riding. The more you make on your own, the better the bike gets for you. It's built not bought!

So if you need specific parts for your bike or you need someone how build you a one of a kind bike just contact me. We will find a solution that make you happy every time you ride your bike.

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